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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Long Time No See! :D

Hey all long time no see here on this blog, hadn't really been posting much here do to some lack of helpful guides and tips and stuff specifically for any of The GateWars servers. Do note though for some weird reason the guide I've set up on my gaming site disappeared, that being said the guides are still available on the Official Gate Wars forum (click here to see it). I am still very active however on the Main Wars, and somewhat active on the forum, just to see if there's any questions regarding guides I've written there (next to doing trades), so to the best to my knowledge the guides are up-to-date, unless there's going to be a new update regarding ascending.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The GateWars Battle Corp Server is Gone?!?!?!?!

There are some recent outages that are causing a big headache at the moment, and do to major work and very little interest in the BattleCorp Server, this server may not be recovered. However there is hope for this server, if you know php, flash and mysql, and looking for an online game to run, then you are in luck. ;) Click Here to view details on the recent outages, AND the way to request to run (or help run) the BattleCorps.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Ascension Guide for The Main TGW Server on the Official GameSquire Website

Hey Guys! A New Ascension Guide has been added to All 23 Ascensions has been added and listed in this guide. It will explain what is the minimum requirements in order to reach them, as well as what you will get when you achieve it.

When you’re on, you can find this guide under, Video Game Guides/MMORPG Guides/The GateWars/Ascension Guide For the GateWars.

For a short cut to this guide, Click Here.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Guides for The GateWars on Offical GameSquire Website

Hey Everyone! :D Just to let everyone know, all the Blogger and Squidoo work you've seen for StarGateWars/The GateWars will be posted onto the web site When your on lay your mouse cursor over "Video Game Guides", then "MMORPG Guides", then you'll see "The GateWars". Putting your mouse cursor over The GateWars title then it will show you all what has to offer for The GateWars/StarGateWars.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

June 29th updates RELEASED

As most of you GateWars players out there know that there's new updates applied to the main server of TGW on June 29th, make sure to read the "Updates" Page before asking what is a specific new feature is or do.

And if are you are on The GateWars official forum, you can report bugs you may find on the "Jun29th update BUGS" tread and comment about the new updates on the "June 29th updates RELEASED - comment here." Thread

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How long have You been playing SGW / TGW?

On the official SGW forum, I have hinted that I didn't know how to tell how long that I have been playing SGW. One of the members given me this URL:

It was pretty easy to use, you don't have to register and you don't have to use a real e-mail/user name. You just hit "Enter".

Once you have log-in, click on "Start Date" on the left panel, and log-in into in another tab or window.

Once you have logged into you GateWars account, copy your Recruiting link that is located at the bottom of the Command Center page into the "Enter valid recruitment link below" bar in Then click on Calculate.

Once the page has been loaded, there's "Returned data:" below the calculate button, which tells you how long you have been playing SGW/TGW.

Also make sure you've copied the ENTIRE recruitment link in the bar because when I have only copied my recruitment number in there it says something like "You have started playing at 09:45:04 on 6. June 1971. You are playing for 14121 days, 9 hours, 49 minutes, 31 seconds." which is obviously not the actual date. SGW isn't that old, heck, the internet isn't that old.

So that's what I just recently learned is, How long have you been playing SGW. This little cool Calculator says that I have started playing at 21:18:24 on 14. April 2006. That's nearly 4 years. :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Abbreviations for The GateWars / StarGateWars

Now for those that doesn't quite know what PPT, AT's, UU's, and Naq means in The GateWars, this post will explain some of these abbreviations to you so you don't have to scratch your head what they mean anymore.

Asl/Acl - Anti spy level/Anti-Cover-Level
AT - attack turns
C - chaos
CC - command center
Co - commander
Miners - mining drones/lifers
Mk/Mkt - market
MS - Mothership
MT - market turn
Naq - Naquadah (Monetary unit)
PPT - protected planets treaty
Q - quantum
RAL - Realm Alert Level
Raw UP - Your base amount of UP (before officers and bonuses)
Reg - register
Sl - Spy level
Supers - super soldiers
SS - supporter status/Super Soldiers
SGW - stargate wars (same as The Gate Wars)
TIP - Turn Income Produced
TGW - the gate wars
UM - untrained mercs
UU - untrained units
USS/FSS – ultimate/full supporter status